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By Amelia Vignali - Wednesday, June 07, 2017

If you have been following along on my social media accounts for the past couple of years, you would see that I am out visiting Boston quite regularly. The company I work for is based in Lexington, Massachusetts, which is about 20 minutes outside of historical Boston. In the last two years I have traveled to this city about 15 times, leaving me with multiple chances to explore new areas that Boston has to offer. I haven't even began to see all the things I have wanted to see, or tested out all the amazing restaurants there are to try, but I do have some of my top recommendations of things to do if you get a chance to visit Bean Town! 

First off, Boston Logan Airport is one of my favorites to fly in/out of.  The views of landing right on the water and seeing the skyline are stunning! Definitely makes any delays or layovers a bit more worth it...

When you think of Boston you often think of the amazing history of sports (or at least that's what my sports loving dad has always taught me!). So for me, getting a chance to go see Fenway Park and the TD Garden was something to check off my bucket list. The history and dedicated fanbase at both sports complexes are worth every penny! The food is pretty great as well :) Although, Wrigley Field will always be my favorite, Fenway Park is an absolute runner up! Speaking of baseball, you will notice in all my upcoming travel posts that I make sure I get tickets to a baseball game in every city that I go to. So when I say Fenway is worth the money, I know what I'm talking about :) 

Now onto my other favorite things to do in and shop. If shopping makes you as happy as it does me, GO to Newbury street. I remember my first trip here and I don't think I stopped smiling once. They have turned well-known store fronts into a street of history. If your bank account can handle a little damage, go!

Another one of my favorite places to visit and eat in Boston is Quincy Market, a part of Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Faneuil Hall Marketplace consists of 4 great locations in one. Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market. These locations are all located around a cobblestone promenade where you may be surprised throughout your visit with jugglers, magicians and musicians as they entertain the passers-by.  Quincy Market also combines more than 50 shops and dozens of restaurants - with both inside and outside seating! 

Brookline, MA

The Abbey in Brookline, MA - home of where Tom Brady and Gisele live & some other really cute places to eat/shop/and drink!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE any kind of breakfast foods and The Paramount in Beacon Hill is still one of my favorite meals to date. Highly recommend making the trip and waiting in their long lines if you are in the area!

When my boyfriend, Patrick came to visit we made a day trip to Salem, MA which was about 25 miles outside of Boston. I would like to think this town is definitely more of a seasonal stop - preferably around the fall time, but still worth visiting! We made a couple stops at the local coffee shops, and obviously stopped to order some of their famous crepes (Nutella and Banana if you were wondering!). 

I highly recommend taking a few hours of your trip and going to Harpoon Brewery Tour in the Seaport area. We went in the middle of the winter and waited outside for about 30 minutes to get in (the bar area isn't very big). It was well worth the wait! The only location is beautiful (right on the water), the beer is amazing, AND my favorite part is the homemade pretzels and dipping sauces they offer while you are enjoying your beer sampling! They do offer a free brewery tour, which is fairly short. They also let you taste test unlimited samples of beer for a set time during the tour - amazing right?? 

 The North End - A MUST see!

This doesn't even cover all the things I have done and seen, but touches on a few of my top picks and favorite memories while visiting this beautiful city! If you have any questions about places you want to go or things I listed above, I am happy to answer the best I can. If I can't answer them, I know several life-long Bostonians that would be happy to offer their thoughts as well! 

Happy Traveling!

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